- We will be doing a door knock campaign aimed at asking homeowners to use non-toxic forms of bug control. (with handouts)  We recognize the negative effects of store bought pesticides on native ecosystems and aim to educate the public on this issue for a cleaner North Texas and beyond.

- Inspired by an article written by Carolanne Wright about plastic pollution, - Link here - we will be handing out renewable plastic bags in front of certain grocery stores and educating about how we can cut down our plastic use. (pics to come!)

- We do suggest boycotting certain Brands known for disregarding Nature Via Pollution, Over-Harvesting of Water, etc) and Human Rights Violations. Such as:

Nestle: Human Rights and Natural Spring Over-Harvesting (Complete Brands Owned By List) -

Wal-mart - Human Rights and Water Over-Harvesting, Etc

Procter and Gamble - Animal Testing

Unilever - Animal Testing

ConAgra Foods -Human/Animal/Nature Violations - Full Brand List -

- We suggest buying Organic Food and Using 5 gallon Re-fill Bottles for Water Use in Drinking and Cooking (Reverse Osmosis and/or De-ionized Water, Etc Available at Grocery Stores if you do not have a Home Unit).  We suggest trying Rain Water Harvesting Also.  If possible, a Whole-House Water Filter for Healthy Bathing/Showering.