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Spring Creek Forest Trail, Garland, Texas.

We've added some more variety of Native Texas Flower Seed to the existing plantings.  Also added in areas no seeded yet (shown above).  Some BuffaloGrass seed has been spread sparingly also.


Bial Park, Garland, Texas.

In Development .. Already an established wildflower park by Garland Parks.  We have seeded with a Butterfly and Hummingbird Seed Mix this year and will keep an eye on the progress. (above photos May 2015)


Eastern Hills Park, Garland, Texas.

In Development .. There are multiple sections we will be adding new wildflower seed to and others shown above that will be filled in that were previously planted by the City of Garland. (May 2015 photos)


Duck Creek Park, Garland, Texas.

*Updated images from late May 2015

Around 5000 square feet seeded with native grass and native wildflowers.

This is the first planting along this 5.7 mile trail, but plan to expand to more areas along the trail in the future.

Mark Gonzalez made this his Eagle Scout Project and tilled the field for us with help from his family and his Boy Scout Troop 214. Thanks! - Link to Pics and write up.


Duck Creek Trail Link


Rose Hill Park, Garland, Texas.

Established back in the mid 80's by Garland Parks Department, this is a great native habitat area with native grasses and wildflowers and armadillos, etc.  We have helped spread new native wildflower seed starting in 2013 to fill in some sparse patches.

Rosehill Park Link 

video of spreading seed on location

Images above from May 2015 Rosehill Park