Girl & Boy Scout Projects

(Art)- Supplying Scouts with waste wood for carving into Animal and Plant Shapes that will be installed on Prairie and Other Native Ecosystem Projects with a credit to the Scout Who Did The Art...

(Trash-Pick-Up)- Helping clean up Prairies, Forests, Ditches, Roadways, Etc in the DFW Area.

(Education)- On The Importance And Function Of Native Ecosystems As We Do Trash Pick-Ups In Forests Etc. Showing them real-time examples of all entailed. (insects, fungi, plants, animals, etc)

(Eagle Scout Projects)- Eagle Scout Projects for Native Plant Installations, Building Insect Habitations, Bird & Bat Houses, Reptile and Amphibian Habitat Support, Community Awareness Campaigns on Native Ecosystems (Door-Knock Residential and Commercial) **First Eagle Scout Project Here -

(Tree Plantings)- Various Locations-Schools, Community Colleges, Medians, Parks, Etc.

(Insect Habitats)- Hollowing Out Logs and Sealing to One Entrance point for Honey Bee Hives to install in Forests. Building Native Bee Habitats Which Require Different Habitat needs.  Other Pollinator Habitat Structures.